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Azure Advisor recommendations

Azure Advisor is your free, personalized guide to Azure best practices. It analyzes your Azure usage and configurations and helps you optimize your resources for high availability, security, performance, and cost. We’re constantly adding more to Advisor and are excited to share a bundle of new recommendations and integrations so you can get more out of Azure.

Azure Advisor has 4 different type of advisory

1- High Availability recommendations

2- Security recommendations

3- Performance recommendations

4- Cost recommendations


You have also the ability to download these recommendations as PDF and Excel

Now, Lets deep dive into each of the advisory Types:

1- High Availability

Some recommendations like availability set, Enable backup for VMs and Health alerts

2- Security 

The security recommendation center will guide you to browse to the security center recommendations

Some recommendations like adding a web application firewall, Disk encryption, endpoint protection and NSG

3- Performance

Some recommendations like migrating to ARM , or reduce VM size

4- Cost

Azure cost recommendation will show how you can save money, by reducing VM sized (based on the resources usage), or use reserved instances……

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